Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Everyone Has a Story

About Lights Out

Lights Out was formed in the summer of 2008 with one purpose in mind, helping people cope with and understand the unknown.  So many people have experienced something that they cannot explain and live in fear of those experiences.  We say there is no need to be afraid.  Most of these occurrences can be explained using scientific investigation.  Unshielded electrical lines, drafty rooms and windows, headlights from passing traffic, etc. can all be causes for what people perceive as paranormal activity.  However, in those instances where the paranormal is the only explanation left, we also have the equipment to capture evidence and communicate with any spirits present.  In most cases, spirits mean you no harm.  Their energy is connected to the building or an object within it and they often can serve as a watch guard over the safety of the home and its occupants.  Regardless of the situation, our aim is to help those who are looking for an explanation for what is occurring around them.

Our job starts once we are contacted by a prospective client.  We begin our research by asking questions, trying to get an idea of what types of activities are being reported.  If the client requests an investigation, we will come to you, free of charge, and cover the areas you experience the most activity.  Infrared cameras, digital audio recorders, and infrared thermometers is just some of the equipment we employ in our investigations.  Then, once we have our evidence, we review it and explain to you exactly what we found and experienced.  Not all investigations will yield answers, but we will do our best to get as much quality evidence as possible.            

It can be uncomfortable having strangers roaming though your house and our group understands that.  Lights Out members are subject to a strict Code of Conduct and Lights Out guarantees that each member will treat your residence with the utmost respect and care.  We also require our investigators sign an Indemnification Agreement, protecting our clients from law suits due to injuries during an investigation.  Your privacy is very important to us as well.  No information, personal or case-related, will be shared in any capacity with out your consent.   

As we stated earlier, our aim is to help.  Plain and simple.  All we need to know is who and how we can provide assistance.