Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Everyone Has a Story

The more people you talk to, the more you realize that almost everyone has experienced something paranormal that they cannot explain. For some, it was something they saw in the creepy, abandoned house at the end of town when they were young.  For others, it is unexplained noises they hear at work.  Still more people experience things in what is supposed to be the safest of places: at home. 

While a growing number of the population is comfortable with these events, there are people who live with anxiety and/or fear because they have no logical explanation for the things they see and feel.  Worse yet, they don’t believe they can confide in anyone about what they have been experiencing.  In some ways it is easier to live with the unknown rather than be dismissed or labeled as "crazy.” 

It does not have to be that way!

That's where the Lights Out Paranormal Research Team comes in.  Based locally in the Lehigh Valley, we are a dynamic, very professional investigative team.  The two things that set our team apart from other groups is:

We are electricians by trade. We approach things very scientifically and provide only the most authentic evidence.

2)We employ three different psychic/mediums in an effort to provide the most complete investigation possible.

Our group will provide the tools and techniques to either help prove or disprove any activity you have been experiencing.  Our services are free of charge!  If you need answers, we will do our best to provide them. If you need help, we are here for you.