Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Everyone Has a Story

The Wooden Match, Bethlehem, PA

In a rare occurrence for Lights Out Paranormal, we set out on a Sunday night for an investigation at a more public location than we are accustomed to. The employees of The Wooden Match in Bethlehem had contacted our medium, Lauri Moore, in an effort to obtain some proof that what they are experiencing is real. Reports of seeing apparitions and hearing noises at all hours of the night were a common theme as we began our walk-through of the historic site. As we walked all three floors, the crowd grew to share their stories with us. As the bar patrons were calling it a night, we began equipment setup and began our search for answers.

As we conducted our work, there seemed to be something always nearby but just out of reach. Something just as curious about our attendance as we were in return. But nothing concrete came forth. In the basement dining area of the establishment, some strange noises and experiences occurred but again nothing we could reproduce our feel comfortable with labeling paranormal.

After a few hours, and much hard work, we decided to call it an evening and bid our farewell to The Wooden Match and our tremendous hosts. The task of listening to audio and reviewing video lie ahead of us.

The review of our recordings proved to be difficult. a lesson we learned many moons ago re-entered our small world. Limiting the number of people, and thus the amount of contamination, is always a wise idea. A great deal of our work had to be thrown out due to an abnormally high level of human contamination, leaving us with no evidence of anything substatial. Perhaps under more ideal circumstances we can return to The Wooden Match one day and complete what we set out to do. Until then, we will be left wondering...

DATE: 8/26/12

TIME: 9:30PM - 2AM

INVESTIGATORS: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Lauri Moore, Carmi Gubbiotti, Ron Moyer, Ashley Moyer, Dean Rohrbach

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