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The Lights Out Paranormal Research Team 

Now that you know about what we do, its time to meet all of us.  We're a dynamic, tight-knit group who were friends before we began investigating the paranormal.  The list you are about to read is getting longer by the month and will never stop growing.  We don't ALL come to your house/business for an investigation so please don't be alarmed at the size of the list.  We simply find a workable number of investigators (usually 6 or so) to suit the needs of the investigation from the list below.

Active Members

As we said, we simply cannot bring everybody on an investigation.  We've had more than 20 people involved in our investigations but these are the ones who are able to participate the most.           


Co - Founders, Jim and Chris


The Investigators


Inactive Members

With this hobby being so demanding on our time, it happens from time to time that some members just don't find that they can commit the time needed to make the group successful.  Although they may not be able to participate any longer, their contributions are great appreciated.

Sheila K - Investigator

Sheila joined the group as a long time acquaintance of Chris LaBarge.  They knew each other in high school and lost touch until recently crossing paths on Facebook.  Sheila contacted Chris about his hobby and her fascination with the show Ghost Hunters and the rest is history.  Her first experience with the group was reviewing evidence from The Keystone and made it out in the field for the first time at the apartment building in Bethlehem.  Her family schedule and involvement in community organizations made it increasingly difficult for her to participate any longer, but her contributions have left a lasting mark on the group.

Jodi Hartzell - Investigator

Jodi was a surprise, last minute, fill-in investigator at the apartment building in Bethlehem.  Jodi came highly recommended by Sheila and the group couldn't have been more pleased.  On less than 12 hours notice, she performed like a champion in her first investigation, displaying poise and confidence.  Unfortunately, Jodi's busy schedule doesn't afford her the time to continue working with the group, although she was instrumental in Lights Out Paranormal becoming an LLC in state of PA.

Lauren Santana- Investigator/Evidence Review Specialist

Lauren was brought on board by Anthony and Christina.  She is one of Christina's oldest friends and has done a solid job for Lights Out reviewing evidence of some of our original cases.  We were very excited when we approached us about investigating a relatives' house, a suggestion that became our fifth investigation.  This case was also her first in the field with our group and she fit in quite nicely.  She does spook easily, but there are few things Lauren won't do if it benefits the team. 

Phyllis Mitchem - Investigator-in-Training

Another Lights Out first.  Phyllis is the first client of Lights Out Paranormal to join the team as an investigator.  She found our group through Tom, whom she works with at Martin Guitars.  While she's new to our group, she and her friend Luann and daughter Tracy have joined other groups on guided ghost hunts in the past.   

Luann Werner - Investigator-in-training

Luann is a fellow co-worker of Tom and Phyllis and was actually in attendance when we investigated Phyllis' house.  She has a deep interest in the paranormal and has attended several guided ghost hunts in the past.  We brought her along for our training session in December of 2009 in Berlinsville and I think she gained alot of knowledge that night. 

Phil Suloman - Investigator

Phil was brought on board for our return trip to the day care in Berlinsville.  He's a former co-worker of Jim, Chris, and Anthony and has stayed in close contact with them. When the plans to start Lights Out were first hatched, Phil was one of the first people contacted but we could never schedule him to participate.  He's listed as inactive for now, but his door may never truly close.


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