Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Everyone Has a Story

The Keystone Fire Company, Columbia, PA

This is an exciting time for Lights Out Paranormal.  Chris LaBarge, Jim Willing, and Anthony Newhart were invited by PARA (Paranormal Activity Research Association) to assist them with an investigation in Columbia, PA.  Columbia is located about 15 minutes west of Lancaster and is rich in history.  The building we were invited to investigate with PARA was the old Keystone Fire Company building, abandoned since the early 90s.  Recently, the owners son and daughter had moved in and started fixing the place up to make it more of a residential property.  The size of the rooms were a big challenge and we also experienced some video difficulties, but we managed to push through those issues and record a successful investigation.  Evidence review took awhile, but we did uncover two pretty nice EVPs.

A fient Voice is heard while recording a session on the second floor.

evp1_2nd Floor_everybody

This file is one of our favorites because we hear 2 EVPs in the clip.  As Ant answers a question with the word "downstairs", a voice warns to "Get out".  Then as Jim sets up the session and mentions he doesn't know the time, a voice responds "It's now.  There's a fire".  Chilling considering the venue.


A Special Thank You  goes out to Brett Nease, Kathy Rothenberger, and the rest of the members of PARA for inviting us down to investigate with them.  Hopefully, this will be the beginning of solid relationship between our two groups.


Date: 3/27/09

Time: 8PM - 2AM

Investigators: Chris LaBarge, Jim Willing, Anthony Newhart, Members of PARA

Notes: Our first "Guest Spot".  We experienced several video issues (including one camera going down) which prompted a complete overhaul of the DVR system.