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The Grand Theater, Third Act

Everyone who follows our group knows what a great relationship we have with The Grand Theater and it's owners and employees. We've been there twice to investigate and several more times to present movies and medium's galleries, as well as to watch movies with our own families. Through all of this, we never believed we would be asked to investigate their again because of the comfort level that had been reached between owner Ed Buchinski and his lingering spirits. But with the theater's conversion to digital projection came a renovation to the equipment. Would disturbing the theater's make-up disturb the theater's spiritual guests?Lights Out was invited to find out.

On a Sunday night in April, The Grand began removing the old projection system to make way for the new equipment. As this occurred, Lights Out began setting up our own equipment to monitor any activity. While we were attempting to document any disturbance, we were also communicating to the inhabitants that what was occurring was not meant to be disrespectful, but rather a means to keep the theater operating and allow many more generations to enjoy it's brilliance.

After a few hours of monitoring, we called it a night and began review of our files shortly thereafter. The following clips were pulled from the recordings and remain unexplained.

First is a whispering voice between Chris L and Jim speaking

clip2_balcony whisper

The second clip sounds like a full blown conversation taking place in the theater


After a thorough review of our findings with the owners of The Grand, we've determined that things continue on as usual. The employees will keep and eye and ear on things to see if there is a reaction but we believe the open lines of communication make it easier for the spirits to accept what's happening to their home. Stay tuned!

Date: 4/15/12

Time: 10pm-3am

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Lauri Moore.

Guest Investigators: Ron and Ashley Moyer. 

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