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The Grand Theater, East Greenville, PA

Excitement was at an all-time high on a cold December night as the Lights Out Paranormal Team assembled to investigate our most public venue to date, The Grand Theater in East Greenville.  Why so excited you ask?  Because of the rich history, both normal and paranormal, associated with the building. Also, while we truly enjoy what we do as a group, we were long overdue for a "fun" investigation. So, on with the show.

Following the Grand's 7PM show the night of our investigation, we were greeted at the door by our host for the evening and Grand employee, Ginger.  As we began to move equipment into the building and settle into our environment, several in the group noticed the higher levels of energy throughout the property.   With Ginger's help and a little assistance from a few of Anthony's family members, Lights Out completed an ever growing equipment set up phase and gathered together to listen to some history of this great theater as well as some "experiences" passed along to Ginger.  These experiences included seeing multiple apparitions, hearing voices, footsteps, and knocking, as well as general feelings of being watched and/or followed in certain areas of the theater.  Armed with this knowledge, our group set out to see what The Grand had in store for us.

The Grand did not disappoint.  The experiences were plentiful, varied, and widespread.  Investigator Lisa kept a notebook of her readings of the energy and by the end of the night a member of the team had experiences in almost every location Lisa had listed.  From every corner of the theater as well: the lobby, balcony, dressing room, and stage.  Below are just a few of the audio clips we found interesting from this night.

With the team investigating the main theater, Chris L and Anthony decided to hang out in the balcony.  You can hear running footsteps in the vicinity of the recorder located in the balcony.


This is another clip the balcony stationary while we are investigating near the stage. Whispering that loud wouldn't be audible from that far away.


Yet again, the balcony stationary revealed this clip. The double knock did not come from our investigators but was clearly heard.  Immediately following is a whispering voice that does not belong to our investigators either.


This clip comes from the stationary we positioned on the stage all night.  It came while we were on break in the lobby.  Everyone was accounted for and no one was in the main theater.


So, what do we think after spending some time here?  It seemed very active to us.  From hearing noises and voices to seeing shadows throughout the night, it seemed someone was making their presence known.  Immediately afterward, we scheduled a return trip with the owner.  Can't wait to see how the next trip goes!

Date : 12/3/10

Time: 9PM - 3AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Chris Dobson, Tom Onusconich, Zach O'Hawk, Lisa Moyer

Guests: Ginger

Notes: First investigation with (6) IR cameras, debut of (2) new Olympus VN6200PC voice recorders

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