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The Grand Theater, East Greenville, PA

Well, that didn't take long at all.  Just 5 weeks after investigating The Grand Theater for the first time, we made our way back for another go around.  After having what the group widely considered to be a successful night in December of 2010, we couldn't wait to go back.  The most exciting part?  Being accompanied for this investigation by owner Ed Buchinski and Vice President John Schortz and their dogs Comet and Cupid.  Both of these men have been involved with the theater daily since purchasing it in the summer of 2004 and came armed with a serious amount of tales of paranormal intrigue.  Like we needed more ammunition.  The excitement level was so high that our own Psychic Duo, Lauri and Carmi both traveled to East Greenville for this event, joining forces with investigator Lisa to form a powerful trio.  And it started right away.

Immediately upon walking in the front door, Lauri started describing energies who were talking to her, many of which matched exactly with energies Lisa had described to us only 1 month prior.  A male who stays in the foyer to watch us, a woman who roams to the right of the stage, a male in the projection booth, and a young boy where just some of the entities trying to communicate with Lauri, Carmi, and Lisa.  The most moving point of the night was during the walk-thru when all of our sensitives agreed that the energies in the theater seemed to recognize Ed, but as Warren Fenstermacher, one of the original partners in the theater in the 1920s.  They believe its one of the reasons activity seems to peak when he is around.  If you are a believer in re-incarnation, then it doesn't get much better than this.  Could Ed be the embodiment of Warren's soul?  We couldn't wait to try to find out.

As with our first investigation, the night was full of experiences.  We heard random noises again, saw shadows in the same areas, and had 2 personal experiences that were tough to ignore.  The first came in the foyer area as Lisa, Lauri, and Carmi were returning to our break area.  As Lisa opened the door, one of the dogs immediately began to growl and bark in her direction, but not at her, at something behind her.  She turned around and said "You're going to have to leave. The dog doesn't like you here" and the dog stopped and laid back down.  The other came later in the night while investigating the main theater area.  During this session, Jim stated very clearly that no entity was welcome to touch us because we're not familiar with each other.  Within 10 minutes, Ed felt a tug on his pants leg, startling all of us.  When you consider that we believe Ed to be the one soul in the building that the energies were familiar with, at least we think they were following directions.  Video below:

All of this combined to fuel a never-before-seen level of excitement to review all of the audio and video from the night to see if we could get any validation.  I think we did well.

This is a interesting clip because the voice comes through so clear and loud but we're not sure what its saying.  If it follows the line of questioning prior to where we captured it, it may be the name of the projectionist our psychics picked up on.


After experiencing childlike footsteps a month earlier, it was interesting to get a response that sounds like "9" to Chris' question about the spirit's age.


As Jim finishes his question, we hear what sounds like a woman answering "yes".


Throughout both investigations our reviewers repeatedly heard a drum-like sound. Ed and John confirmed there is a drum by the stage but its located about 20 feet in the air.  What could have been sounding it? In this clip we found it interesting that it almost seemed to respond to Chris' question.


So, what do we make of all of this?  This location seems to be very active.  Even at the reveal the spirits were making themselves known.  We could not ask for a better experience!!

Date: 1/7/11

Time: 9:30PM-3AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Tom Onusconich, Lisa Moyer, Lauri Moore, Carmi Gubbiotti

Special Guests: Ginger, Ed, John, Comet, Cupid

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