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Lights Out Paranormal - The Team

From equipment set up to evidence review, these are the people getting the job done! 

Anthony Newhart - Video Technician, Investigator

Anthony’s known mostly for his camera work and has become the designated operator of the mini-DVD camcorder for Lights Out. He was a skeptic his entire life until he and his wife shared an experience one summer’s night. His desire to find answers to his questions as well as others is what brought him to the group.  As the group develops, "Ant" has been put in charge of the video department.  His responsibilities include deciding where to place cameras, organizing video set up and tear down, as well as video review.  Anthony is a friend and co-worker of Jim and Chris’ for several years.

Chris Dobson - EVP Specialist, Investigator

Chris’ craving to help out as much as possible lead him to volunteer to serve as a researcher for the group. In that capacity, he can provide the necessary background for any location we plan or may be planning to visit. Chris is also a very skilled EVP questioner, an undervalued skill in the field.  He possesses a calm, conversational tone which the group feels elicits more responses from the other side.  Chris was introduced to the group through his relation (brother-in-law) to Jim.

Tom Onusconich - Tech Dept, Investigator

Tom joined the group just in time to help review the evidence from the apartment building in Bethlehem and brings a great enthusiasm to the group.  His first venture into the field was the second house in Berlinsville, where he fit right in and added another solid scientific eye to the group.  "Ono" recently took on more of a role in the Tech Dept and has thrived in his new spot.  His sense of humor, tech knowledge, and flexible schedule will make him a valuable member of Lights Out for a long time.  Tom comes to Lights Out as a friend of Chris LaBarge's from high school.  After playing hockey together, these two lost touch, but were reunited through Facebook.

Lauri Moore - Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Consultant

Lauri contacted the group after receiving our mailing through the New Age Shop and offered to help us out if we ever needed it.  Well, the time finally came for us to seek out her advice and both sides couldn't be more excited.  You may know Lauri from her show "Moonlight Messages" on Sunday nights on 93.5 WSBG or you may know her from her work as a psychic/medium.  Either way, Lights Out is proud to have Lauri on board.  Her hard work and vision for the group were instrumental in the early stages of planning our appearance on The Haunted in October of 2010.

**Please visit Lauri's website for information on personal readings and upcoming events**

Lisa Moyer - Investigator, Sensitive

Lisa joined us for our 4th trip to the business in Berlinsville as a guest investigator but our investigation of the abandoned house in Pennsburg marked the beginning of her serious involvement in the group.  Already more comfortable with her skills, her work at The Grand Theater proved instrumental the team's success there.  Lisa joins the Lights Out family as a long time friend of investigator Tom Onosconisch.  They have had many discussions over the years about some of the things that she believes she can feel and perceive and Tom's involvement in the group seemed like the perfect outlet for her abilities. She has also been very valuable in writing the case logs for the website as well as handling more office duties for the group.

Ron Moyer - Investigator, Set-up Assistant

Ron came to the group as a friend of co-founder Jim Willing and a former client. Ron is continuing to improve as an investigator while he contributes as one of our main equipment set up and tear down specialists. Ron's wealth of contacts in the community is also a boon for Lights Out.

Ashley Moyer - Investigator, Sensitive

Ashley is the daughter of our investigator Ron Moyer and shares his knowledge and good standing in the community. Ashley's gifts became apparent as we investigated her residence and we simply had to include her in our group. Her ability to communicate her "feelings" has been very surprising as she continues to improve her craft.

Dean Rohrbach - Investigator

It took us awhile to get Dean scheduled to join us on an investigation and we're glad to have him.  Dean first joined us in the field for our first trip to the Berlin House and will continue to join us from time to time.  Dean joined the group as a co-worker of Chris, Jim, and Anthony and brings a quiet calm to the group. 

Christina Newhart - Evidence Review Specialist

Christina is Lights Out's premier audio reviewer.  She possesses the incredible knack of picking out audio evidence from the sea of digital recorder files we give to her.  She also shares the same enthusiasm for the group and its success that her husband Anthony (Video Tech) displays.  Our 5th case was Christina's first in the field and we all hope she is able to attend even more as our case work increases.  She also makes a mean Peanut Butter Pie!

Zach O'Hawk - Investigator, Video Dept.

Zach brings a deep interest in the paranormal to the group and is willing to help out in any way possible.  As the youngest member of the group, he's a bit shy, but once he came out of his shell, we had a valuable member in our group.  Our trip to Orefield was his first foray into the field after helping review evidence from the previous investigation.  Zach has also become Ant's right-hand-man in the video department, proving instrumental in set ups and tear downs. 

Carmi Gubbiotti - Investigator, Author of The Ghost Post

Carmi may not be at the forefront of the group, but is as important to us as they come.  She joined us for the walk-thru of what has been our most successful investigation to date as a guest and performed like a crafty veteran.  Her calm manner and youthful exuberance bring a fun energy to the group.  Carmi will also be writing The Ghost Post, the updates and wrap-ups that are posted for each case in our case log.

Shelly Wilston - Investigator

Shelly is, of course, the female influence on the group.  She claims to have never had a personal experience and part of her desire to join the group is to make her first contact.  As a long time employee of the business we investigated, Shelly was excited to investigate there.  Her self-consciousness about her voice limits her EVP work, but she's more than willing to help out in any other way she can.  She was brought on board by Chris LaBarge as a friend of his wife's for over 20 years.

Joe Uhl - Inventor, Tech Dept

Joe's addition to Lights Out is long overdue.  He's Jim's cousin and a true skeptic, which is always a benefit to any good paranormal research team.  But his true value will be in assisting on the technical end.  His background in electronics and experience with motion and occupancy sensors make him a natural to conceptualize and build many customized pieces of equipment for the group.  His first success was adapting our IR lamps to accept our 12v battery packs and is currently working on a dimmer system for our DVR cameras' onboard IR lights.


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