Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Everyone Has a Story

Lights Out Paranormal Co-Founders

Jim Willing - Co-Founder/Lead Investigator/Case Manager

Jim co-founded Lights Out Paranormal with Chris LaBarge over the summer of 2008. The two met at work, and are still employed together. It was Jim?s passion for the SciFi show ?Ghost Hunters? that drove him to seek out others he knew who were as interested in paranormal investigation as he was. Jim is definitely the passion and drive behind the group. His endless list of contacts have been the single biggest asset in forming and growing the team to what it is today.  Once he took over the role of Case Manager for the team, we've never looked back.  His amazing trait of being able to talk people and quickly gain their trust makes life much easier for the group. Couple that with ability to convince local business owners to allow us to practice our craft and Lights Out has grown beyond our expectations in a short time.

Chris LaBarge - Co-Founder/Lead Investigator/Technical Manager

Where Jim contributes his unwavering passion to the group, Chris brings more of a technical background.  But don?t underestimate his desire to investigate the unknown.  While he always craves experiencing the supernatural, his main goal for the group is to help those with paranormal trouble and promote the field of paranormal investigation.  Chris is responsible for prioritizing, recommending, purchasing, and operating the equipment for Lights Out.  While Jim handles the Case Manager duties, Chris works on the special events scheduling. He also designed and maintains the group?s website and e-mail account. Its been a perfect marriage so far for the team with the co-founders both sharing a team-first mentality.

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