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SunnyBrook Ball Room, Pottstown, PA

Our story begins with the most perfect of settings, the fullest of full moons!  Not since March of 1983 had the moon been so close and appeared so large as it did on the night we investigated at Sunnybrook Ball Room.  Yes, that SunnyBrook Ball Room!  We could go on for days just naming the legends who have graced the stage here, many of whom have signed the walls backstage.  But we'll have you do your own research on that topic.  Our focus, as it was on March 19th, will remain the paranormal aspects of Sunnybrook.  So, why were we invited?  The numerous reports of seeing shadows, hearing footsteps, and so forth reported by employees and patrons alike, almost too numerous to recount.  Perhaps another time.  For now, here's how it went.

Our night began with a tour from our hosts, Tom and Nancy Sephakis, owners of this historic building.  It was difficult to focus on the task at hand the more we learned of the bulding's incredible history, but this is Lights Out.  Time for business.

With the wide open layout of this venue and the unparalleled acoustics, we found ourselves having a difficult time not contaminating our own evidence.  But being able to capture voices from one end of the ball room on a recorder backstage gave us confidence that if something was going to communicate with us, we'd be able to hear it.  The personal experiences this evening were limited and mild in nature but still invigorating.  On a few occasions, what sounded like footsteps were heard by the team and documented on audio.  The team also had another experience with the cell sensor, which we initially wrote off as a technical glitch.  The amazing part was that when we suggested switching out the cell sensors, the previously "malfunctioning" one stopped and its replacement began flashing.  Many noises were heard throughout our stay but when we considered the age of the building, the acoustics, and the fact that we had the heat turned down to reduce interference from the boiler, we ruled out many of them as a creaky building settling in for the night.  But as always, never judge an investigation until all of the data has been reviewed.


Footsteps heard in the ballroom by the team


Another set of footsteps heard by the team in the same area of the ball room


Right before Jim speaks, we hear what sounds like a trumpet note. In Sunny Brook Ball Room? No way!


Whispers captured on a recorder between us speaking


All in all, we stumbled upon an amazing venue with what seemed to be active spirits, a great combination.  As a group, we believe that many former employees, patrons, and owners still dwell in the building, enjoying a grand old building.  Much like them, we hope to return also!

Date: 3/19/11

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Zach O'Hawk, Lauri Moore, Lisa Moyer

Time: 8PM-2:30AM

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