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Private Residence, Stockertown PA

In mid-October of 2009, we were put in touch with a couple who had been experiencing quite a bit of activity in their home.  So, in early November, Lights Out Paranormal traveled to Stockertown, PA to investigate the family's claims.

Most of the stories in the home involved seeing or feeling the presence of a man, mostly on the second floor.  It became so prevalent that their young son refused to go upstairs to the bathroom by himself, often relieving himself outside or in corners on the first floor.  Another common occurrence in the home was the activation of a specific toy in the living room at all hours of the night.  One of the owners also reported being pushed down the steps of the home one evening.  As they became more aware of the activity, they began taking pictures at different times and passed along some interesting ones to the group before we got started.  Armed with all of this information, Lights Out went lights out and began investigating.

The night seemed relatively quiet for the most part.  Personal experiences were very limited and nothing that happened was even fully believed to be paranormal in nature.  Upon completion of a very thorough and lengthy investigation, the team set out on the review portion of our work and came up empty handed.  

After consulting with our psychic/medium, Lauri Moore, she determined that there was a harmless male spirit in the house and set out to cross him over.  Upon successfully doing so, the family reports that things have calmed down considerably.  I guess he just didn't want to talk to us that evening.  Regardless, another successful case for the group.

Date: 11/7/09

Time: 9:30PM - 3:30AM

Investigators:  Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Zach O'hawk, Phyllis Mitchem

Notes: Phyllis' first investigation with the group.  Our first investigation using wireless audio.

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