Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Everyone Has a Story

Ronca Farmhouse, Creamery Road, Nazareth, PA

Our very first investigation was in Nazareth, PA at an old brick farmhouse that had been abandoned for years.  There were never any reports of paranormal activity but a few of our co-workers had worked in the house previously and reportedly experienced "heavy" feelings in certain rooms and random cold spots throughout the house.  So, Lights Out Paranormal began their careers on a late September evening  in the three story house.  The bulk of the investigation was spent on the second floor and in the basement of the house. Our camera man Anthony and co-founder Jim each experienced similar but separate phenomena in the basement but neither was documented or proven to be anything related to paranormal activity.  Some of the problems we experienced were the lack of AC Power in the house and the deteriorated conditions. Several windows were broken out and there were also several holes in the roof and walls of the second floor, creating extremely drafty conditions.  In the end, nothing of significance was collected but the experience for the group was priceless.

Date: 9/28/08

Time: 6PM to 12AM

Investigators: Chris LaBarge, Jim Willing, Anthony Newhart, Shane Rapchak, Chris Dobson, Shelly Wilston

Notes: Our first investigation.  Limited equipment.

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