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Return to Apartment, Bethlehem, PA

After nearly 2 full months off from active investigations, Lights Out Paranormal regrouped and returned to the site of one of our more active investigations.  The building contains 3 apartments and houses an active dojo in the basement, all of which contain some reported activity.  On our first trip to this location, we only had access to the third floor apartment and all of the basement.  Since our contact had moved out of the third floor, a return to that apartment would be impossible.  However, that move opened up a new area to investigate, his new apartment on the second floor.  In this new area there have been reports of a black figure that sits in a certain chair in the bedroom as well reports of the channels changing on the TV in the same room.  

With the excitement of a new area to explore and the memories of an active basement, Lights Out set out to perform a thorough investigation.  Things started off a little rocky when the new tenant upstairs questioned our presence, but after a few minutes of explaining our intent, the investigation was back on.  Just as with our first trip to this building, ambient noise was an issue we had to deal with.  Last time, the noise from the surrounding neighborhood was our problem, this time it was the tenants in the other occupied apartments.  All in all, it wasn't an issue that could not be overcome and the team really rallied and performed the best investigation it could.

After hours of evidence review, here are 4 EVPs that our team collecting from this investigation:

As the team enters the bar area of the building, a voice whispers in the background.  Listen in the middle of this clip to hear the unidentified voice.


At a point in the evening when no one was in the area, our stationary recorder caught this whisper in the basement.


As investigator Chris Dobson attempts to solicit an audible response in the theatre, our team caught this whispering voice that doesn't seem to want to cooperate with Chris.


At another point when no one was within range of a stationary recorder, we captured another whisper that seems to be saying "Hi" or "Hide".  Expecting an ambush, maybe?



Another successful investigation for the Lights Out team!  The residents weren't looking for a solution to a problem in this case, just satisfying their own curiosity, which makes for an easier time for us.  While the building didn't seem as active this time around, there was no shortage of experiences.  Lights Out believes this to be a very active location but due to the nature of the building (multiple residents and ambient noise), this may be our last trip to this location.  Maybe?

Date: 3/5/10

Time: 8PM to 1AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Zach O'Hawk, Dean Rohrbach

Notes: Ambient noise from the first and third floor apartments.

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