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Private Residence, Reigelsville, PA

The family that called us for help live in a home that was built in 1941.  They have been dealing with what they believe is paranormal activity shortly after moving in, approximately 8 years ago. The home in which they live is in a town that was developed on a former Native American settlement. According to local author Jeffrey Wargo, local folklore states the people would come here to have their spirits cleansed.  When the Anglo settlers came in, they desecrated the burial mounds and sacred stones and used the skulls and bones of the dead Indians to mark the property of their new homes.  Many dwellings and locations that now rest on the former place of this settlement have ghost stories.  The borough’s graveyard is also located in the area of the home. 

The family has observed shadows, heard voices and footsteps, and repeatedly have found objects within the home out of place. In addition, many electrical items frequently drained of their energy source.  The mother, daughter and son have dealt with issues that have an unknown source.  Three out of the four family members, including a boyfriend, believe there is “something” in the home.  The daughter and her boyfriend have both been scratched by what they believe is some unseen force.  The son, who no longer lives in the home, is glad that he has moved out for the fact that he no longer has deal with the paranormal activity, beyond trying to mentally support his family. 

We started our evening meeting the family, hearing their stories, and then deciding our plan of action.  Our investigation included EMF sweeps, EVP sessions, and figuring out some structural inquiries to the home, including video and audio recordings.  An interesting fact that was later brought to our attention that evening was of a cell tower located near the home.  Could this serve as an explanation for some of the unexplained activity in the home? Although there have not been sufficient studies concerning the effects of the energy emitting from them, it is known they can and do give off different levels of energy waves.[1]  A proven fact that has been studied[2] is that humans and animals all have different reactions to different kinds and levels of energy.  In other words – some people are what you would call “sensitive” and some are not.

 The investigation of the residence resulted in the following conclusions: 

1. Inconsistent and frequent cell sensor activity, with no proper results.

2. Interference on more than one audio (battery operated) recorder.

3. On a psychic level, it is believed that there were only deceased family members that accompanied the family in their home, at the time of the investigation.

In conclusion, some audio clips were questionable and suggestions were made to the family on what to follow up with.  Below is a sample of the interference that was captured on one of the audio recorders.


Date: 5/12/12

Time: 7:00pm - 1:00am

Investigators: Jim Willing, Tom Onusconich, Tim Bealer, Anthony Newhart, Zach O'Hawk, Lisa Moyer.

[1] "Mobile Towers: Government Decides to Cut Radiation Limits to a Tenth from September 1." The Economic Times. Accessed July 22, 2012.

[2] "Ce399 | Research Archive: (electronic) Mind Control." Ce399 | Research Archive: (electronic) Mind Control. Accessed July 22, 2012.

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