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Everyone Has a Story

Private Residence, Quakertown, PA

On occasion, we get a call at our offices which can be classified as urgent. This is one of those cases. And with our October pretty well set (and full) we struggled to find a place to help the woman and family who contacted us. But when we considered the nature of the case we decided to try something new for the group, a "mini investigation." Basically our team for the night consisted of co-founders Jim and Chris and medium Lauri Moore. We also paired the equipment down to what we could fit into a small container and set off to help.

We met a nervous and anxious client outside of the location, accompanied by her boyfriend and mother. We spoke briefly on the porch before heading inside to get to work. Within minutes, we began our walk thru, collecting and documenting the experiences of the client, both in this location and now her boyfriends' apartment. Reports included hearing noises, having doors opened, lights turning off, and many stories of the client's bed being shaken (a phenomenon felt by the team) and poked from underneath. As we moved through this place, it became apparent to Jim and Chris that many of these experiences could likely have natural causes. During the walk thru, Lauri did feel the energy of a male spirit in the building, but didn't think he was causing any of the traumas to this family, further fueling the co-founders' beliefs. 

So, as we finished the walk thru, we got started on debunking things. The first thing we noticed was that there seemed to some sort of motor running from inside the unfinished area of the attic around the master bedroom. Upon investigation, we found an attic fan that ran 24/7, causing the walls and bed to vibrate constantly. On our way into the unfinished area, we noticed that it took very little effort to open the door that repeatedly opens itself. It seems very likely the vibration from the attic fan would be enough to pop it open. We also noticed that as the closet light switch was turned off, the EMF detectors we had on the bed would begin to flash. When we turned the light back on, the cell sensor would stop. All of the wiring runs right under the client's bed. With all of the lights off, the EMF surrounding the bed becomes elevated to a significant level. Prolonged exposure to these levels can cause many symptoms including hallucinations, which may cause you to perceive everyday occurrences as paranormal activity. Basically, we were able to put scientific explanations to every experience in the house. When presented with our findings the look of relief on our client's face was astounding. After crossing over the spirit who was in the dwelling, we packed up, said our good byes, and left the family to their new comfortable life. 

In the weeks following the investigation, we've stayed in touch with this client and have heard nothing but positive reports. I'm not sure we could have been more successful in our efforts. This is truly why Lights Out Paranormal was formed.

Date: 10/8/11

Time: 7pm-10:30pm

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Lauri Moore

Notes: very limited equipment used

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