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Private Residence, Quakertown, PA

by Lisa Moyer

For this investigation our team was introduced through a mutual friend. The clients asked us to come and conduct a “mini” investigation. The family, who lives in a newer housing development, has been living with what they believe is paranormal activity ever since they moved in. The property was once farmer fields, but the area has a former history of being part of the Underground Railroad. The family has dealt with noises, voices, objects moving, and some of the family members claiming to have seen apparitions.

Along with all of the activity, the oldest grandson seems to have some psychic abilities. With his part in this, he has his beliefs of “who” is in their home, and some idea of the connection. Our group visited with the family and conducted a couple EVP sessions, along with taking photographs. The evening was interesting especially in the basement. With the high EMF levels it already made it feel eerie. With our time spent down there, we heard movement, unrecognizable sounds and a few of us believe we saw shadow figures.

With the evening at an end, the home owners asked for some extra guidance as far as “cleansing” and peacemaking with the spirits. With that done, it was time to go over evidence. Our group did find some interesting things between audio recordings and photographs but we've decided that they are not worth posting here. 

The follow up with the family went very well. They had a better understanding and confidence on how to handle the paranormal activity. The family says that the activity has greatly reduced, and notice a different and better feel to the home.

Date: 8/22/12

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris Dobson, and Lisa Moyer 

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