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Private Residence, Pittston, PA

Anytime an investigation comes through our office from Lauri Moore's personal network, we pay close attention. And this one jumped right to the forefront for several reasons. The primary reason was because the owner is a very trusted sensitive and he knew something was in the house. The second reason was that this family had just bought the house and was waiting for us to investigate it before they even moved in. Knowing all of this, we moved as quickly as we could.

After a very brief walk-through and careful set up, we began to investigate the numerous claims of activity. The owners reported to have heard footsteps, loud banging noises, had their therapy pool drained, and had pets react to nothing that was visible. All in the same area of a sizable dwelling. We couldn't wait to get started.

The activity began immediately and did not relent throughout the night. In the 3 prime rooms of the house (one of the bedrooms, the pool room, and the main living room) personal experiences were numerous. Rosary beads jingling on their own, audible footsteps, voices from outside on the back deck, whispers from inside the house, and several accounts of items making noise in the house made for an interesting evening. With the owners and their close friend joining us to ask questions of the entities, the air seemed charged with energy. Being only the third owner of the house in it's 11-year history (the other 2 owners have since passed away), the thoughts centered around the previous owners still lingering. Only a thorough review would yield answers.

Following a great investigation, there is nothing more rewarding than documenting some unexplained voices/noises. Here are just some of our clips.

A faint response is captured following Lauri questioning the previous owner


Footsteps heard by the group were captured


Another response is recorded


What sounds like a woman's voice is heard by the group


Another female voice is documented


Well, we're never sure how many questions we answer each time out, but our belief in the soul leaving the living body may have been reinforced. One of our best ones to date.

Date: 9/30/11

Time: 8:30PM - 2:30AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onosconich, Lauri Moore, Carmi Gubbiotti

Guests: Nicole

Notes: Owners were present and participated in investigation.

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