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Private Residence, Perkiomenville, PA

by Carmi Gubbiotti

Our investigation in Perkiomenville yielded some very spooky results. In this summer investigation the group had the opportunity to tinker with their ghost hunting technology on a whole new battlefield: the great outdoors. The air felt dense and chilling in the warmth of the summer heat as crew members walked through the backyard, immediately deciding that they needed to place some equipment on this eerie plot. While the activity outside set the scene for a creepy night, what happened inside has amazed both the homeowners and the crew.

The homeowners summoned the crew to their humble abode because the home itself appeared to them to be anything but humble. Creatures from beyond their understanding insisted upon making their presence known and claiming their territory. The young son of the homeowners recounts seeing numerous apparitions hovering through the house in white robes. Night terrors haunted the homeowner, constantly rendering both family members terrified to sleep in their own rooms. Even the family’s pet dogs found irregularities in the home, barking at something that could not be seen by the naked eye. These unwanted guests puzzled the family by leaving objects around the house that had never belonged to anyone living there.

Naturally these frightened homeowners enlisted the help of our ghost busting squad to aid in their distresses. The night of the investigation fell over the house in a darkness that painted the atmosphere in bleak obscurity. You could sense the aggravation in the air. These spirits meant business. The most pivotal moment in the investigation was recorded. Crew members watched as a small white orb of glowing energy mystified them as it floated across the room

In review the crew had no luck in debunking this house's reported activity. The phenomenal evidence could not go ignored.  Crew member and psychic medium Lauri Moore deduced that the activity in the house drew from two very different sources. The first friendly spirit is presumed to be the homeowner?s deceased father watching over his family. The other hostile presences that came forth were alleged to be members of the infamous KKK whose ill reputation precedes them. All in all, the investigation proved to be highly productive shocking even the most skeptical eyes. We would like to add that the group has taken all steps in clearing the house of these negative presences. We hope that we have restored peace and serenity to the homeowners, their pets, their abode, and even the friendly spirits who protect them. We look forward to any future opportunities to help others who face similar predicaments of otherworldly proportions but until then?sleep with one eye open.

Thanks Carmi!  What a great investigation.  To be honest, with the volumes of reported activity, we were expecting a much more eventful evening.  But knowing what a difference we made in how the family is able to live their lives is a fair trade off.  Lauri was instrumental in providing this family with tips on how to deal with night terrors as well as a technique to keep the unwanted spirits at bay.  To date, both have been successful!  In our book, that's a victory.

As far as evidence goes, the above video clip was about all we produced from our hours of review.  We're still not sure what we are seeing in the video, but its been a tough one for us to explain away, a rarity for orbs and our group.  We did capture one audio clip that we found to be curious.  By checking the other recording devices in the room, we were able to determine that the amplified voice in this clip does not belong to any of our investigators.

EVP_2 response amplified

We were also able to capture audio clips from the house of unexplained sounds that the owners had reported hearing, but they don't really belong on our website.  

Lights Out expects this case file to remain open for some time.  We've already made a few return trips to the location to aid in smudging and such and continued trips always remain a possibility.  We're always a phone call away!

Date: 7/16/10

Time: 7:30PM - 1:30AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Chris Dobson, Tom Onusconich, Lauri Moore, Zach O'Hawk, Carmi Gubbiotti

Notes: First investigation outdoors

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