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Private Residence, Pennsburg, PA

Had it really been 2 months since the team was mobilized? Do to a busy October schedule and a few cancellations, yes, it had been far too long since we practiced our craft. We can proudly say this though, the team showed no signs of rust, performing one of our best investigations to date.

So, to set the scene, we were asked to enter a home in the heart of Pennsburg (only blocks from The Grand Theater) based on the claims of the residents. They have been living in this rental property for nearly 2 years and while none of the activity was harmful of scary, they noticed an increase in the occurrences. What is going in the house you ask? Well, everything from objects (like a kitchen dish towel) being moved to hearing noises and voices. Again, nothing that feels threatening, but out of curiosity we were summoned.

Upon entering the home, we split into 2 groups, with Jim and Lisa joining the residents on a walk-thru while Chris, Chris, and Anthony began setting up the equipment. As Lisa gathered her feelings about who was there, Jim collected names of former residents and current owners who may linger in the house. Armed with this information, we began to investigate for ourselves.

The night began with our group discovering a problem that would plague us for the entire evening. The location of this house left us battling an troubling amount of traffic and outside noise. As the night wore on, the problem persisted, meaning most of our audio files were contaminated. Undaunted, we pressed on and put in the best work we could, hoping we could find something to back up the claims of the residents and the beliefs of our psychic/mediums Lisa and Lauri. Unfortunately,it was just to much to overcome. Anything we were able to pick from our audio we had to throw out because we couldn't confidently say it didn't come from outside. A very disappointing way to end after such a great effort by both the team and the residents.

Date: 12/3/11

Time: 7PM-2AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Anthony Newhart, Lisa Moyer, Lauri Moore (long distance look-in)

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