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Abandoned Residence, Pennsburg, PA

Before the excitement could die down from our Halloween night premiere on "The Haunted", Lights Out Paranormal set its sights on another interesting investigation.  This time the target is an abandoned house in Pennsburg, PA.  The original part of the house was believed to be built in the 1880s and there was clearly an addition built on the back of the house at one point.  Behind the house was a barn and horse stables, neither used for decades it seems.  Though its abandoned, the house does not go unused.  A local ambulance company owns the building and uses it for training purposes, leading to some of the rooms being littered with debris.  Regardless of the conditions, the Team assembled on a chilly night in early November 2010 for check it out.

Our first discovery on the night was that the building still had power, which turned out to be a true blessing.  During the equipment set-up we discovered that 3 of our cameras worked well with the lights on, but came up blank with the lights out.  It appears the photo cell that activates the IR LEDs was no longer working on any of the cameras.  Lights Out's solution?  Become Lights ON Paranormal for the night, another first for the group.  While there was power, there was no heat, making for a shorter investigation.  It also seemed like the chilly conditions wreaked havoc on the batteries in several pieces of equipment, but no one allowed these technical difficulties to deter their efforts.  With everything set up it was time to investigate.

It had been a long time since the group has investigated a location with almost no prior information on the property which was a great exercise in general EVP work.  Trying to make contact with spirits that you have very little info on can be tricky to do, but Lights Out's practice of trying to strike up friendly and personal conversations has proven successful in the past.  All in all, it seemed to be pretty quiet in the house as far as activity goes.  There were a few incidences of EMF spikes at times as well as radio interference in conjunctions with team questioning, but all of the occurrences became less viable with all of the battery issues experienced over the course of the night. 

After reviewing all of the audio and video from the night, our group came across one audio clip that we found interesting.  In the basement of the home near the end of the night, Jim started to ask questions in relation to a presence he picked up on.  He picked up an image of a farmer with a beard, overalls, and a red flannel shirt.  He's what we caught:


The voice immediately after Jim's question doesn't belong to anyone in the group.  Tough to explain.  Is it enough to deem the building as haunted?  Not in our eyes.  But it was still a very fun filled evening.

Date: 11/5/10

Time: 7PM - 1AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconisch, Zach O'Hawk, Lisa Moyer

Notes: only 1 of 4 IR cameras functioning properly; dead or dying batteries in cell sensor, voice recorders, and radios; Lisa's first investigation as a member of the group.

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