Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Everyone Has a Story

The Newburg Inn, Nazareth, PA

How often does Lights Out Paranormal get the opportunity to investigate locations with the history (both normal and paranormal) of The Newburg Inn?  It doesn't get much further outside of our wheelhouse than this one.  But on a warm June night in 2011 we packed up our gear and visited for the night.

Originally built in 1750, this building has got a tremendous history, having served as both an indian trading post as well as a stagecoach stop.  Over the years a few additions have been added to the structure making for an interesting location to set up our equipment and investigate.  After the dining room was closed for the night, Lights Out got started. Our equipment table and camera set up began immediately while Jim and Lisa began the psychic walk thru. We also took the time to sweep the entire place (especially the psychic hot spots) to examine the EMF levels to see how they matched the reports of activity.

On this night, it seemed that the second floor hallway was the most active location. During our time there, several members reported hearing unexplained noises. Co-founder Chris LaBarge also felt very odd temperature fluctuations (both hot and cold) in the same area of the common hallway. Soon after, he reported also feeling his back touched and shirt tugged before leaving the area.

Unfortunately, the team came away from the investigation with very little documented material to back up any claims of activity. What we did notice was disturbingly high EMF levels throughout the bar and dining room areas. We believe that this, coupled with a number of stories, leads many to perceive everyday occurences as paranormal activity. Does that mean that nothing is there spiritually? No. But there was nothing we could document.

Date: 6/17/11

Time: 9:30PM - 3:30AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Lisa, Moyer, Zach O'Hawk