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Private Residence, Nazareth, PA

Could there be anything better than spending a warm summer night with your friends?  Probably not, if your friends just happen to be Lights Out Paranormal and they have a family in need of answers to their paranormal questions!  In early June of 2010, this was the situation presented to our group by a brother and sister who live in historic Nazareth, PA.  After hearing a number of tales from them both, we agreed to spend the night trying to make them feel more at peace with their surroundings.  

The night started off on an ominous note, when during equipment setup, co-founder Jim Willing discovered a scratch on the back of his left leg that wasn't there previously.  This experience coupled with the homeowners' beliefs and the reading by psychic/medium Lauri Moore confirmed to us that we were dealing with at least one less than friendly spirit.  Lauri believed that the spirits of a troubled family still lingered in the house and the father was trying to fend off "intruders" who may discover his dark secret (one that is too graphic to share here).  Armed with this information, we set out to investigate.

Our investigation was filled with experiences, including another interaction involving one of our Cell Sensors, most of which we were not able to capture on recording devices.  Many of the investigators reported feelings of "negativity" and "anger" throughout, so Lauri discussed performing a cleansing with the consent of the homeowners.  With their blessing she began in the second floor of the home and made her way to the basement, clearing each room along the way.  Believing the basement to be the father's hiding place, Lauri saved it for last and made every attempt to remove his presence.  After a few struggles, she was successful. A few of our investigators reported a different energy in the house at the moment Lauri's crossing succeeded, even though they weren't present in the basement at the time.  

Upon completion of our work, we've stayed in contact with the homeowners on a regular basis.  They reported some lingering activity for the few few months, but not at the rate or severity it had occurred previously.  After a while, the energy in the house seemed to fade to almost nothing and the experiences have stopped altogether.  I'm not sure we could be more successful in our endeavor: a satisfied homeowner! 

Date: 6/12/10

Time: 8PM - 3AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Lauri Moore, Zach O'Hawk

Notes: Homeowners were very involved in the investigation.

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