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Everyone Has a Story

Private Residence, Macungie, PA

by Lisa R. Moyer 

"One can only build confidence within oneself. But it’s the people who are closest to us that help form it, and it is the loyal ones that help us maintain it."    – L.R.M.

We were requested to meet with a family in Macungie, PA. by our in house medium, Lauri Moore. She had received an email from a mother and father in desperate need of help. Not just help for them, but particular help for their daughter. This investigation was not just spirit searching or for paranormal investigation, but more so to help a family that had nowhere else to turn. They had reached the end of their sources for what is considered the normal actions to take when in need. So, we come to the -paranormal.

Their daughter, at a very young age, was thought to have an 'active' imagination. With her having very loving and involved parents, she was more than comfortable to share her stories of things that would happen and stuff that she could see. They supported her unconditionally by always listening to her and hoping that their involvement would help her be able to handle life. Unfortunately, as she grew older it became extremely harder to handle. The normal day to day activities were fine, and she flourished. It was the 'active' imagination that was taking its toll. The family came to realize that she had a gift that many have, but only few can be comfortable with. This would be having strong psychic abilities.

With any investigation, our hope is to help the families with the best of, and variety of, our abilities as a paranormal investigative team. This case completely called for Lauri to be the primary person to help. Starting with listening to the family of their concerns, and especially the daughter, there was very deep conversation to begin the evening. With her having someone who completely understood what her life has been like, the daughter had a better understanding, along with her parents, of what she?s been dealing with all these years. Having Lauri there for her talk to was the best thing to happen.

While conducting the investigation, there a lot of conversation with the family and especially with daughter to understand what action needs to be taken to handle situations. The team set out to investigate the premises. It was a very interesting evening on a bunch of different levels. Video cameras, audio recorders were set out, and photographs were taken, in hopes to catch evidence.

With Lauri's help and guidance, a 'spiritual cleansing' was performed with support of the family. Overall, it was a very inspiring evening. Being able to leave the family with the 'tools' they needed for so long . . . . . . . . . .

Date: 10/6/12 

Time: 7PM - 1AM

Investigators: Lauri Moore, Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Tom Onusconich, and Lisa Moyer

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