Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Everyone Has a Story

Private Residence, Lehighton, PA

Another call came into our office for some assistance and as much as we love what we do, these are ones we never like to hear.  But Lights Out answered the call to a family with a young daughter who has gotten to the point of being too scared to sleep in her own room without the family dog by her side.  She claims to see the same tall, dark figure looking her over as she lays in bed almost nightly.  Many other stories are involved but when we hear of children similar in age to our own children not being comfortable in their home we act swiftly.  And that's what brought us to Lehighton on 4/9/11.

Upon our request, the homeowners, along with their daughter, met us a little earlier so we could have them show Lauri, Lisa, and Carmi around their house to get a feeling for what energies were present.  Although she wasn't staying for our investigation, our hope was that knowing someone was coming to help would help us gain her trust and put her mind at ease.  Once she did leave, it was time to try to find some answers.  

Our psychic trio believed the energies present were mostly family members who were just checking in from time to time.  Could it be that their presence or message was being misinterpreted by the family?  Its very likely, but we weren't able to capture anything to confirm who we think was there.  The team did have some personal experiences worth noting.  At more than one point in the night, knocks were heard in response to requests for a sign someone was present.  Coincidence? Maybe.  At another point in the night, the railing leading to the second floor rattled loudly and suddenly with noone in contact with it.  At the reveal we tried everything we could to recreate it without touching the railing with no luck.  Unexplained.  

After clearing the house of unwanted presences, we decided to call it a night.  Upon leaving, the homeowners conveyed to us a feeling of relief.  Having us there to do our thing gave them the feeling that everything was going to be alright from here on out.  With no complaints to this date, you can't call it anything other than successful.

Unfortunately, nothing collected during our stay at this house is worthy of posting here.

Date: 4/9/11

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Lauri Moore, Lisa Moyer, Carmi Gubbiotti

Time: 7PM-1AM

Notes: First investigation with wireless headphones (to listen remotely to the team recorder).  Also debuted a brand new monitor for the DVR system.  Experimented with a borrowed Zoom 360 recorder.

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