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Private Residence, Orefield, PA

September 12th turned out to be a milestone day for Lights Out Paranormal.  The team traveled to Orefield, PA to investigate the home of a special client.  The homeowner had lost her husband of 58 yrs in February and, beginning 2 weeks later, began to experience nightmares and scratches and bruises in her sleep.  While he was alive, her husband had claimed to see and hear a female spirit in the house, and now the homeowner believes that same spirit is doing her harm.  Lights Out was called in to give her some relief. 

Our investigation focused on trying to disprove the existence of a negative or harmful entity in the house, believing that the homeowner's own unresolved emotions might be causing her situation.  In the end, I think we did the homeowner justice and did the best investigation we could possibly do.  We also aren't finished with her.  We really feel grief counseling  is in her future if she truly wants to rid herself of her sleep issues.  We also have her in contact with a Reiki Master to help her recognize and deal with her emotions.  It may be a long process, but there have been great strides made over these past 3-4 weeks already.

At the request of the family, we will not be posting any of the evidence we collected from this investigation.  Their privacy is important to them and we take that very seriously.

Date: 9/12/09

Time: 8PM - 2:30AM

Investigators: Chris LaBarge, Jim Willing, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Sheila Kocher, Zach O'hawk

Notes: Zach's first trip into the field with the group.  This was also our first investigation using the "new" laptop Chris Dobson acquired at work.  New equipment included Tom's digital camera, new SD card for Jim's camera, and a combination USB hub and card reader for the laptop.  

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