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Private Residence in Berlinsville, PA

Lights Out Paranormal was very fortunate to have access to one of the older houses in Lehigh Township through a relative of Chris LaBarge and were able to investigate it in early April. The house was actually home at one point to Abraham Berlin III, the person the town of Berlinsville was named after.  There was also at least one death in the house over the years and the current owners have noticed several strange occurrences in their nearly 30 years in the home.  The experiences range from being touched on the shoulder to hearing voices in the house to the owner's son seeing a full bodied apparition wearing a long tailed suit jacket on two separate occasions.  

The investigation was fairly "quiet" with only a very few personal experiences over the course of the night.  We were able to have a new investigator join us for the evening, as Dean Rohrbach, a co-worker of Chris, Jim, and Anthony, attended his first investigation.  Shelly and Phil also made their first investigations of the new year.  

With a full and excited team, we were able to get in a very solid investigation.  And after reviewing the evidence, there's some reason to be excited:

Did we get a response to our question about being related to the neighbor?

EVP_1_Aunt Sharon's
Lights Out Paranormal

Is someone asking us to "turn around"??

EVP_2 Aunt Sharon's
Lights Out Paranormal

This final one sounds to us like a woman seeking help.

EVP_3 Aunt Sharon's
Lights Out Paranormal

Conclusion: The house definitely seems to be active.  While we were able to pick out some interesting audio clips, none were terribly convincing and the personal experiences were very ordinary as well.  As a group, we know this won't be our last time here.  Maybe next time the other worldly inhabitants will be more interested in communicating with us.


Date: 4/3/09

Time: 7PM - 1:30AM

Investigators: Chris LaBarge, Jim Willing, Anthony Newhart, Shelly Wilston, Phil Suloman, Dean Rohrbach

Notes: Dean's first investigation with Lights Out.

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