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Private Residence in Bangor, PA

Lights Out Paranormal received a phone call from a friend requesting our presence at his nephew's house in Bangor, PA.  So, we found ourselves there doing a last minute investigation on February 20th.  Reports by the occupants included something playing a drum kit they had set up on the second floor, reports of footsteps, three broken glasses, and stereo equipment adjusting its own volume.

Another first for Lights Out was having the occupants participate in the investigation.  We had several personal experiences including knocking on demand, radio interference in response to our questions, and EMF readings following one of the investigators around the basement.

We just recently made our way completely through the evidence and made some interesting findings.  No video evidence, but some pieces of audio we've posted below.

EVP1: A faint voice answers the question "Can you knock?"


Same clip from a different recorder


EVP2: Possible drum beat at the beginning of the clip? In an empty music room?


EVP3: Interesting experience with radio interference. Still one of our favorites!


EVP4: Knocking in response to investigators


EVP5: The 2nd "thump" sounds like it's coming from inside the Music Room, where the drums are.



Conclusion:  So, that's what we caught.  Is it enough to say it's haunted?  No way.  But it was still fun!  Maybe we'll be back.


Date: 2/20/09

Time: 8PM - 1 AM

Investigators: Chris LaBarge, Jim Willing, Anthony Newhart, Chris Dobson

Notes: Our first investigation with a digital EMF detector.  We experienced problems with video system.  The homeowners had friends over which created some contamination of audio evidence.

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