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Private Residence, Hellertown, PA

After a well deserved holiday break, it was time for the Lights Out Team to get out and stretch their legs once again. Our group was contacted by a woman and her son who have had several experiences over the past few years and were looking for some answers. The experiences weren't confined to their current residence which made us wonder who from their past is following them. With that goal in mind we went in search of answers one cold January evening.

After a brief walk-thru with the residents, we sat down with them to discuss who's energy was present. Since none of our mediums could make it to the investigation, we had to rely on a "long distance reading" from Lauri Moore to get a feel from the house.  When we ran Lauri's thoughts past the residents, three names came to mind as to who it could be. Armed with this information, we began our set up to prepare to investigate.

Without much area to cover, we got right to it. In this case, we felt it was important to attempt to find natural causes for the reported activity. In many cases, the team felt strongly that we had succeeded. Even as the night progressed, we were able to debunk many of the experiences we had during the investigation. One experience in particular (captured on video below) became a big challenge for our group to debunk. Could this be the spirit of a departed friend contacting us? Or were there natural causes for our activity?

Very interesting to footage to us, but was it genuine? After kicking around some ideas of what it could be, co-founder Jim Willing and investigators Anthony Newhart and Tim Bealer returned to the residence to test some theories. It turns out we had placed the cell sensor directly over the electrical panel and it had been triggered by the furnace either turning on or off. Why do we share this footage and story when it turned out not to be paranormal? To show how proud we are that our team took the time needed to find the truth. We never jump to conclusions and do the most thorough job we can for our clients. Not every group around can say that.

So, in conclusion, while we do think this resident has a house guest, we were not able to document his presence that night. Her and her son are comfortable with his presence now that they think they know who it is and have welcomed him to follow them to their next residence as well. All in all, I think everyone was pleased.

Date: 1/28/12

Time: 7PM-12:30AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Tom, Onusconich, Lauri Moore (Long Distance)

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