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Private Residence, Grantville, PA

Word spread through the offices of Lights Out Paranormal that a case in Grantville, PA had come to us through our friends at the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association (PPA) in February. Around that same time we received a phone call through our website about a case in Grantville. Assuming they were the same case, we proceeded to interview the clients and get them on our schedule. We came to find that they were not the same but were located on the same block. Unfortunately, one of the clients had to cancel because of a work schedule conflict, we did make the trip out to the Hershey area to investigate.

Upon arrival, we found a happy family of a husband, wife, and two young children packing up to leave us to our work in solitude for the evening. Before they left, we were given their long history of run ins with the paranormal not only in this house, but in their previous location only a few houses down. Could something be tied to the land? Or was it someone tied to the family looking over them? After saying our good byes, we set out to work.

Throughout the evening the team experiences several noises and knocks but never within the room we occupied at the time. It seemed as though if someone was there, they were keeping their distance. We did some experiments with the heating system and duct work and determined that some of the occurrences could have been caused by a simple expansion and contraction of the metal ducts as the system heated up and cooled down. Very high EMF fields were also discovered in the master bathroom where the electrical service and furnace are located on the back side of the walls. While these can explain only some of the family's problems, we weren't able to capture anything that could prove the existence of "others" in the home.

DATE: 3/23/13

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Tom Onusconich, Lisa Moyer

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