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Private Residence in Frankstown, PA

What started as an innocent email seeking our opinion on activity surrounding a home in the Altoona area became Lights Out Paranormal's most involved case to date. With a rich Native American history, residents of a house in Frankstown, PA believed there to be something more to the house than just the living.  After discussing it for several months, we finally made our way out to central PA for our first "overnight" trip.

After a tour of the house and a meeting with the family to get an idea of the activity, the team set up for the investigation, covering all of the main areas of reported activity.  As we began, it became immediately apparent we were not alone, but not in the way we hoped. We are always very accommodating of the homeowners and their guests but we require them to be accounted for and not contaminate our recordings.  As we moved through our investigation we ran across several instances of unaccompanied guests in adjacent rooms, observing what we do. Once we encounter this, anything we may hear on a recording or see on video now has a possible earthly explanation and has to be tossed out. A disappointing result for both the group and the client.

With this phenomenon recurring, the group decided to cut the evening short to grab a quick nap and begin reviewing what was recorded before leaving town the next afternoon. Unfortunately, everything that was documented occurred under less than ideal conditions meaning we were left with nothing of unexplained origin. After contacting the client to explain our lack of findings, the team left for home, hoping to learn from the experience.

On the positive side of things, the group was joined for this trip by Brian Smith who publishes a blog on  Brian recording the entire weekend and produced somewhat of an audio documentary based on the weekend. Click the banner below to listen to his work. As a group, we feel it is a tremendous representation of how we go about things.  Thanks Brian for your hard work!!

Date: 7/16/11

Time: 7PM - 2AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Anthony, Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Lisa Moyer, Zach O'Hawk

Guest Investigator: Brian Smith

Notes: This investigation was documented by Brian and published as a podcast for WeRinCtrl.

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