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The Flea Market, East Greenville, PA

There are few investigations that the group looks forward to as much as this one. Possibly because it took about six months of planning to accomplish. But more likely because of the nature of the case.

A long time friend of co-founder Jim Willing had approached the group because of the activity surrounding his business/home. He owns a good sized consignment shop on Main Street in East Greenville and he lives, with his daughter, in the apartment on the second floor of the building. Our first guess was that the energy from the antiques in the shop would be the cause of the activity, but to our surprise, the apartment is where the activity occurred most often. This man's daughter had been experiencing things for several years and was looking for some relief. She had always felt that someone was in the apartment with her, watching, poking, bothering her. She saw his face in the bathroom mirror on one occasion. She spent her time in torment, always looking to see where he was an trying to anticipate his next contact. There was only so much she could take, so they contacted Lights Out to help.

Both remotely and on site, our mediums detected a strong male presence. Perhaps a bit of a womanizer who had become fond of the current resident. Armed with a few more details, the residents began their own research and found the name of a man who had passed away in the building years ago and fit the description we had provided. Could it be him who was the cause of this family's angst?

Our investigation turned up very little in the way of evidence or personal experiences. But we could all feel the heaviness in the air of the apartment. Feeling that we had to step in, our medium Lisa Moyer performed a thorough spiritual cleansing of the apartment and instructed the residents on how to follow up in the days to come.  We have stayed in close contact with this family and the results could not be more positive.They each report a much lighter feeling in their home and neither of them is compelled to look for their nemesis to reappear. Exactly the outcome we all had hoped for.

Date: 3/24/12

Time: 8PM-1AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Lisa Moyer, Tim Bealer, Zach O'Hawk

Notes: We were joined extensively by the clients.

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