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Lights Out Paranormal Equipment

What paranormal research team would be any good without equipment?  One of the frustrating things about the field is that there aren't any pieces of equipment designed for what we do.  Everything is borrowed from other fields and adapted for use in investigating.  One thing is for sure, Lights Out won't come to your house empty handed.  It's also the area of our organization that is constantly changing and improving, so stay tuned!

Audio Equipment

Our EVP specialists Chris Dobson and Jim Willing (pictured to the right) use Digital Voice Recorders for our EVP work.  We've tried a Sony ICD-b620 and a few RCA models and liked them, but have since decided to go with (1) VN-4100PC, (1) WS-500M, (2) VN-6200PC and (2) WS-600S recorders, all from Olympus.  We experiment from time to time with analog recorders and external microphones.  When it comes time to review our recordings, Lights Out relies on Audacity and Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio for audio work.

During our investigations, our teams need to stay in touch in different parts of the buildings we investigate.  To serve these needs, we use (4) Motorola Talkabout FV150 two-way radios.  

Video Equipment

Chris LaBarge and Tom Onusconich (pictured right)from the tech department pride themselves on the video equipment, which is constantly upgrading and improving.  The heartbeat of our video evidence is our IR camera system, consisting of (4) 1/3" Sony Super HAD cameras (with 480  TV lines and 30 IR LEDs with a 90' illumination range)  and (5) 1/3" LTS cameras (with 480 TV lines and 42 IR LEDs with a 105" range) connected to a 9-channel DVR.  We use 150 ft Siamese Cable and/or 200' Cate 5e cable to carry the video signal to the DVR and power to the cameras from our 9 station power supply. 

The other component of our video department is our hand-held mini-DVD camcorders.  We're currently using Sony DCR DVD610 & DCR DVD810 HandyCams, both with Night Shot Plus.  To increase the range of our night vision we use (2) SIMA IR lights.  In an effort to work without cords everywhere, we power our illuminators with 12V NiMH rechargeable battery packs.  Video Technicians Anthony Newhart and Zach O'Hawk (pictured to the right) are the ones manning this equipment and take great pride in the results.

Miscellaneous Equipment

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) detection and monitoring is very important to paranormal researchers.  Many natural items can cause fluctuations (unshielded electrical lines, cell phones, etc...) but many believe spirits can also manipulate the magnetic fields around us as they attempt to manifest.  It has also been proven that long term exposure to high EMF readings (natural or supernatural) can cause hallucinations and paranoia, causing false reports of activity.  We use two analog EMF meters in our investigations, the Cell Sensor EMF detectors, as well as our Lutron 822A digital EMF detector.

Another piece of information that is important for paranormal researchers to monitor is ambient temperature.  Often times, spirits can manipulate temperatures in random and localized spots.  Most times these temperature differences can be as much as 20 degrees fahrenheit or more.  As our group detects fluctuations with EMF equipment that cannot be explained with natural causes, we try to narrow down the area and begin taking temperature readings in that specific location and compare that reading to the base readings we obtain in the building.  For these needs, we rely on Mastercool's Model 52226A Dual Temperature Probes.  We have the ability to take spot measurements from a distance as well as take ambient temperatures through an adjustable probe.

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