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Private Residence, East Greenville, PA

by: Lisa Moyer

Friends of previous clients called another home in East Greenville to our attention. The family that resides in the home has had paranormal activity ever since they moved in over seventeen years ago. The home has been in the owner’s family for generations. Mostly they have been dealing with lots of weird noises, and the family pets would act strangely. On a few occasions, family members claim to have also seen apparitions.

Even though most of the family members are comfortable in their home, the family is hoping to find out who is actually “with” them. It was a calm and comfortable evening. There were a few questionable EMF fields that were not in typical places, i.e. - outlets, light switches, computers, etc…

A few members of our team did have an interesting session, in which the cell-sensor had lit up a couple of times. Once or twice it seemed to correlate with questions being asked and then it reacted in consistently. With that happening, we could not draw any conclusions. The team did get a few EVPs that help support the thought of the home being occupied by spirits. Please check back later for them to be uploaded.

Meeting with family and having some evidence, was very validating for them. They were happy to know that, which we hear a lot, they were not crazy. This investigation was very satisfying. We not only met the client’s goal, but we also met ours – a successful investigation with evidence to put our clients at ease. Comfort comes with knowledge.

Date: 8/18/12

Investigators: Jim Willing, Tom Onusconich, Anthony Newhart, Lisa Moyer, Ron and Ashley Moyer  

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