Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Everyone Has a Story

Private Residence, Collegeville, Pa

This one was another case right in our wheelhouse. A family in need of peace of mind and some answers. When we go to these types of investigations we always like to bring one of our go-to sensitives, Lauri and/or Lisa. With both them unavailable, we almost cancelled until our newest sensitive Ashley stepped up and said she could handle the duties of our regulars. Convinced by Ashley's confidence, Lights Out made the trip to Collegeville for answers.

When we arrived, we found a family distraught and in need of help. We also found a nearly 200 year old farmhouse with an expansive addition and full basement. We spent quite awhile on the walk through, collecting stories and background and allowing Ashley to get a feel for the energies contained in the home. When many of those feelings struck nerves with the family, things loosened up and we got to work. The night did not disappoint as many of the investigators experienced phenomena throughout the evening. Once we had the place covered, focusing on a few specific rooms, we set forth in playing some games and doing some role playing in an attempt to draw out a response from the spirits we believed to be present. Satisfied that we did the best job we could, Lights Out bid our farewell and began reviewing our recordings. The biggest bonus of the night was finding that Ashley Moyer held her own and proved to be a calming influence to the family. Her work went a long way to making our investigation as successful as it could be. 

At the request of the family, our findings will remain private. Thank you for understanding.

DATE: 4/6/13

Time: 7PM - 2AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Ron Moyer, Ashley Moyer.

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