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Lights Out Paranormal Code of Conduct

Lights Out Paranormal is committed to protecting the privacy and property of our clients.  All of our investigators are required to abide by the following guidelines of behavior and conduct.

  • All members must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when representing LIGHTS OUT
  • All members must dress appropriately and professionally when representing the group. Group shirts are not required but are strongly encouraged.
  • All members must respect any and all private property postings, never trespass.
  • Never touch, move or remove any item during an investigation that does not belong to you. If you need to move an item you must first seek permission to do so.
  • All members must respect others personal property, this includes fellow investigators and clients property.
  • Any member caught stealing will immediately be dismissed from the group.
  • All members must be respectful to each other during all group functions, never insult or criticize your fellow team members.
  • All members must respect and follow the leadership and guidance of group leaders, organizers and coordinators during all investigations.
  • Harassment or abuse of any type toward other members will not be tolerated.
  • Profanity is strictly prohibited during any investigation or at any time while representing this group.
  • Always show respect and reverence at all locations of historical, cultural, or religious significance.
  • All members must remain in groups of no less than 2 investigators at all times, no exceptions.
  • If you need to leave during the course of an investigation you must first notify the lead investigator(s).
  • Running and/or horse play on any investigation is forbidden.
  • Smoking during an investigation is prohibited unless in a designated smoking area
  • The use and/or being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances are forbidden during any investigation
  • If any member appears to be under the influence of an illegal substance or alcohol, they must immediately leave the investigation site.
  • You must always speak clearly and at a normal level while investigating, do not whisper.
  • The performance of séances during an investigation is prohibited.
  • You must always use fresh tapes when recording with an analog tape recorder or video camera.
  • All members must conduct their investigations in a professional and scientific manner.
  • Any and all evidence collected from personal equipment is the exclusive property of LIGHTS OUT.
  • At the end of an investigation all evidence collected must be brought to the lead investigator and will be distributed to audio and video analysis techs for review.
  • All evidence is to be reviewed only by appointed evidence analysis techs.
  • Any member who has possession of any LIGHTS OUT evidence is responsible for its care and preservation.
  • After the review of all evidence is complete, all video and audio evidence must be returned to group leaders for archiving.
  • Intentional submission of false or fabricated evidence will be grounds for immediate dismissal. 
  • The act of withholding any evidence will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • LIGHTS OUT reserves the right to immediately dismiss any member or trainee for any type of conduct that is considered unprofessional, inappropriate, disrespectful, harassing, irresponsible, abusive or illegal.


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