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Private Residence, Cherryville, PA

Good things come to those who wait! And this case is an excellent example. This particular case was three years in the making. We had discussed possibly investigating this residence early in 2009 but it wasn't until some recent events that the owners decided they wanted our help.

So, why was the Lights Out team called upon? Well, the initial reports dated all the way back to when the current owners purchased the home over a decade ago. They had experiences that they hadn't originally filed as paranormal. But as more things occurred, they started to wonder if they all had the same root cause.Were they really hearing voices in the house? Are there natural causes for the strange behavior of the animals in the house? Did they really see an apparition in the hallway? Feeling that they needed some answers, the owners called on us for some answers. 

We met the homeowners on a Saturday night to see the house and take a tour. We were joined by our psychic/medium Lauri Moore for the walk through and she began pointing out energies in the house, which the owners quickly confirmed were locations of activity they've experienced. Excited by Lauri's findings, the homeowners left us to our work.

The team quickly found this investigation to be an exercise in debunking. Co-founder Jim Willing drove around the neighborhood in an attempt to debunk stories of strange lights in the house. Nothing seemed to replicate the owner's reports, however. We also had a few occurrences of knocking sounds upon request but the weather in eastern Pennsylvania that weak could be a contributing factor. After a week of temps in the 60s, the night of our investigation found temps reach into the 30s. The cold-to-warm-to-cold patterns may have simply caused the house to expand and contract just enough to create some coincidental creeks. All in all, there wasn't much we could point to as solid evidence of a haunting.

Then of course, there comes the review of our recorded material.  Upon review of our audio, we caught this voice from the upstairs bedroom when we had no one within 2 floors. 

Clip 1

Interesting indeed. The voice doesn't match any of our investigators either.

But the bottom line is always the outcome for the homeowner. We are very happy to report that the feeling of the home has returned to a livable tone once again and the activity has all but ceased. It does not get any better!

Date: 2/25/12

Time: 7:30PM - 12:30AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Tom Onusconich, Anthony Newhart, Lauri Moore, Lisa Moyer

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