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Private Residence, Bushkill Township, PA

Lights Out Paranormal made a trip to a private residence in Early October for an investigation that held great excitement for us.  First, there many claims concerning activity in the house (which is only 4 yrs old, by the way) ranging from noises to apparitions.  Second, we were joined by Medium and friend, Lauri Moore, for the first time.  Lauri assisted us via phone prior to our investigation in Orefield and seemed as excited as we were to have her.  Immediately upon entering the home, she began to feel energy from one of the bedrooms, a room filled with antiques and hand-me-downs.  It was foreshadowing of how our night was about to go.

As we went about our thing, Lauri let us know of any "stories" she was getting from objects and spirits in the home.  At one point she helped cross a young boy who seemed to be bound to a bed in the home that he passed away in in the early 1930s.  It truly made for an interesting investigation!  As far as our night went, it seemed to be very quiet in the home, which to us is a good thing.  We all want to catch some evidence of activity, but feeling peace in the house is always comforting for us in regards to our clients.  The only notable personal experience was our investigator Zach felt something brush against the back of his knee and without saying anything, Lauri asked him if he felt it.  She claims she saw whatever it was moving past him (in complete darkness) and assured Zach it was accidental.  Approximately, 90 seconds later, we found a white flash on the steps behind our investigators that we haven't been able to explain either.  What it was we may never know! Clips of Zach's reaction and the white flash can be viewed below. 

As far as evidence goes, we were pretty empty handed, but with the amount of energy the team felt over the course of the night, its hard to completely dismiss this house.  Maybe there's nothing there, or just nothing that wished to speak to us that evening.  Regardless, we had a blast and the homeowners were satisfied with our efforts.  Something tells me this won't be our last visit here.


Zach's experience


Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Chris Dobson, Tom Onusconich, Zachary, O'hawk, Lauri Moore

Date: 10/9/09

Time: 8PM - 1 AM

Notes: Lauri Moore's first investigation with Lights Out.  

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