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Private Residence, Breinigsville, PA

by Lisa Moyer

We were welcomed to come and investigate a home in Breinigsville, PA. The owner had attended a medium’s gallery hosted by our team member, Psychic Lauri Moore. Being so impressed with Lauri , she immediately contacted Lauri to see about Lights Out Paranormal investigating the home where she and her family resides.

The homeowners themselves have seen shadows and heard voices that did not seem to have a source. They have two children, one younger and one older. Their main concern was for their younger child. She has claimed to see apparitions, hear voices, and can feel someone touch her when no one appears to be there. Although the daughter doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of this . . . . . - her parents are. Understandably, we were there to help in the way we can: First, through and investigation, and second, having Lauri do a psychic walk through, and try to communicate with any apparent spirits.

The family live in a home that was built in the 1870’s. With the home being that old, there is going to be history to the place. The area was once a farm, and had a handful of previous owners. There were also documented deaths within the home.

The investigation went smoothly. We set up the usual equipment, took pictures, and conducted EVP sessions throughout the home. Lauri did her walk through and discussed with the home owners about what she felt was going one in the home, and reassured the family that the spirits that she felt, were of no bad intent. Still though, she suggested that they sage the home to help the spirits continue on their journey . . . . . . . . . out of the home.

Date: 11/17/12 

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Lauri Moore, Anthony Newhart, Lisa Moyer, Ashley Moyer, and Ron Moyer

UPDATE: 1/2013 ? Since conducting the investigation the family felt that activity had picked up and that their daughter was being was being more and more bothered by the spirits and not handling it well. Lauri Moore along with Jim Willing and Ashley Moyer of Lights Out Paranormal visited the home once again to hear their story and talk with the family, especially the daughter. Once a good and in depth conversation was held with Lauri and the family, more understanding and confidence was given. Our support and guidance seems to be the key to our success.

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