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Business Office, Bethlehem, PA

In late April of 2011, we found ourselves investigating a chiropractor's office space.  Seriously!  The office is located in a home built in the 1920s.  The roomy 2-story building now houses office space, a full gym equipment room, and a second floor apartment occupied by one of the owners'father.  Prior to that, it was occupied by a dentist who ran his practice
out of the first floor and lived on the second. But did he ever really leave?  

The current owners noticed peculiar happenings in the building.  The owner himself witnessed a phone book turn its own pages in the second floor living space.  Many people have reported seeing, hearing, smelling, or feeling things.  But the common reports centered around a chair which now resides inthe attic.  Anytime that chair is placed somewhere in the home, it finds its way back where it came from.  And occasionally something is damaged or knocked over in the process.  Seems like someone wants the chair to stay where it is meant to be.

With these stories in our heads, Lights Out went through a brief walk-thru and equipment set up and got to work.  One of the first things we did was to move the chair from the attic to the kitchen area of the second floor apartment space, to see if we could elicit a response. 

In order to monitor the chair while we were outside of that room, we placed a Cell Sensor on the seat and focused an IR camera on it for documentation purposes throughout the night.  And to our delight, we captured the following footage.  Investigator Zach O'Hawk trudged upstairs to try to minimize the IR reflection of the camera on some appliances in the kitchen.  As soon as he enters the room, the Cell Sensor begins to flash randomly.  We took several EMF readings during the investigation and never captured a reading above 0.2 mG (it takes a 5.0 to make the Cell Sensor blink) all night long.  Interestingly, the Cell Sensor stopped flashing about a minute after Zach enters, when co-founder Chris LaBarge enters the room. 

Someone seemed to want to communicate with Zach.  And here's the tape:

The investigation seemed pretty quiet for the first few hours.  Based on readings by our psychics Lauri and Lisa, we believed that the dentist was still here.  We found his old dentistry tool kit and opened it up for him to show us his wares. Without a response, we moved on to other questioning and apparently someone wasn't very interested.  We captured this voice from the basement of the building and if it says what we think it does we likely captured our first "Not safe for work" EVP.  Have a listen...


When we played this for the current owner, he immediately chuckled because he recognized the voice as the previous owners' (including the foul language).  But what's interesting is that the dentist is still living.  He suffers from Alzheimer's disease and lives at home under his daughters care.  Does this lend proof to the idea of the soul leaving the body?  Even before death?

At about midnight, both co-founder Jim Willing and sensitive Lisa Moyer began to get uneasy feelings they believed were tied to the chair.  Subsequent pictures from the room they were investigating at the time show possible orb activity in them.  Not wanting to anger anything inhabitants with our shenanigans, we took that as a sign to stop for the night before we tread on grounds we weren't willing to tread on.

We had a tremendous time, allowing the owners to join us for most of the night.  The added excitement of an active location made for a perfect night.  Thanks go out to everyone who was involved.

Date: 4/30/11

Time: 7PM-1AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Lisa Moyer, Zach O'Hawk, Lauri Moore

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