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Business in Berlinsville, PA Return Trip #5

So once again we found ourselves at our "home" venue for an investigation.  But this time it was by request of the owner.  She had been taking pictures for promotional materials and sent Lights Out the following photos:

At first glance, we were pretty confident it was a picture of a piece of dust.  But as we discussed it further we realized that all of our photographic experience in the paranormal field came with the lights off.  These were taken in broad daylight.  Would things look the same?  In order to properly debunk these photos we needed to experiment in the building they were taken. 

With this in mind, the members of Lights Out Paranormal showed up slightly earlier than we would normally. We wanted to make sure we took photographs in daylight conditions as well as perform our normal investigation. While our experiment didn't produce any conclusive evidence either way, it was another example of the team taking the time and effort to do things the correct way.

But we still had a full investigation to conduct and even invited some special guests along with us. Professor Misty Bastian from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and her research assistant Mia Damiano were finally able to join us for an investigation after a year of planning. Prof Bastian specializes in Anthropology at F&M but is also doing a study on the paranormal in her "off-time". We were one of the groups she interviewed to compile data and we've been dying to get her out to watch what we do.

Having been here before (four times!) set up was a breeze. We covered areas we had activity previously as well as areas our sensitive Lisa has picked up energy from. And our time was not uneventful. Several cold spots and tingling "spidey senses" were reported throughout the night, many in locations we expected. As time wore on and our guests left, we still experienced mild signs of spirits but nothing seemed to want to communicate with us too strongly. Perhaps all of our signs were of natural causes?  A thorough review of our material is our only way of knowing.

After completing our review, we were left with only our personal experiences to report back to the owner. We're starting to find out more and more that active locations experience varying degrees of activities and this night was on the slower end of the scale. But it was still enough to bolster our belief that we're not alone in this building...

Date: 5/21/11

Time: 7PM - 2AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Chris Dobson, Tom Onusconich, Lisa Moyer, Zach O'Hawk

Guests: Misty Bastian, Mia Damiano

Notes: We were unable to recreate the orb in the owners photo in a few attempts.

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