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Fourth Trip to a Private Business, Berlinsville, PA

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by: Carmi Gubbiotti

Our recent investigation in Berlinsville, PA has proved once again to be quite exciting with our extraterrestrial encounters growing in number.  It would appear that these spirits grow more comfortable with our presence with each renewed visit.  This local haunt, which seems to be the Lights Out home field, houses peaceful spirits who certainly did not fail to do their part in the investigation.  New technology has equipped us with the tools to properly correspond with these voices from beyond and luckily for some newcomers there was no lack of communication. This Lights Out investigation began with the lights on in order to allow our guests to adjust and become comfortable with the atmosphere and equipment.  This environment allowed our younger tag-alongs to tread in calm seas before entering the world of not-so-friendly ghosts. Because of course, when dealing with the afterlife, you never know who or what you might meet.

This particular visit served to be a great test-run for the amateurs, with many exciting experiences. On the second floor of the establishment, Tom repeatedly experienced headaches, dizziness and goose bumps. Could he have been tapping into some spiritual aura? Certainly these spirits recognize him as a friendly entity. One of our groups also experienced interaction with the other side through knocking in response to our taps. In addition, another group recorded evidence of decorations mysteriously rearranging in response to our requests. Most exciting of all was receiving confirmation that our team worked in-synch when a number of our investigators offered a uniform description of a female spirit lingering on the third floor.

In closing we would like to thank everyone who participated in this great success of an investigation. In light of recent activity we hope to advance our investigating skills even further. We have been contacted by numerous “haunted” homeowners and intend to embark on new investigations in the near future. Thank you all for your time, interest…and courage. We will be sure to notify you before the next investigation. Until then…sleep with one eye open.

Date: 5/22/10

Time: 6:30PM to 10:30PM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich

Special Guests: Lisa Moyer, Cara, Alessandra, Darian, Tyler, Cam

Notes: First investigation with the new 17" monitor.

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