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Third trip to a Private Business in Berlinsville, PA

I think we always knew we'd be back to this location.  It had been a year since we were here last, but the feeling in the building was still the same.  Nothing overbearing or scary but just a feeling of something mischievous.  The primary goal for this investigation for the Team was to use it as a training session.  We've had a recent influx of new investigators/trainees and we wanted to make sure we were taking the time to show them how we like to do things.  It also gave the "veterans" a bit of a night off since we'd been here twice before.  No homeowners to deal with, no worries of where to put equipment, just set up and have fun.  We also used this investigation to meet up Mike Hildenbrandt from Ghosts of Today and  He lives about a mile from the location and had been chatting with Chris LaBarge for months about doing something together.  We brought his Sangean Radio for us to play with which inspired Lights Out to try some new software called EVP maker.  I don't think anything collected using these 2 toys could be considered evidence, but they do keep the interest level high.

The investigation was relatively quiet overall.  We did experience some strange sounds on the top floor of the building and some of the investigators heard footsteps in a nearby stairwell while on an investigative break.  Some more personal experiences would have been great, but the goal of making sure everyone is on the same page was accomplished easily.  

We were very fortunate to have psychic/medium Lauri Moore and her niece Carmi Gubbiotti attend another local investigation a month after this investigation and we were able to convince them to sneak away for 20 minutes to give us a reading on this building as well.  Both were convinced that several child spirits were present in the building and being watched over by 1 adult male spirit.  Much of this information fit in with evidence and experiences we had on our 3 investigations at this location. 


Evidence review was a little fractured because of the holidays and a much needed break for the group, but we managed to finish it.  Nothing of consequence was uncovered but we all agreed that this investigation was more valuable because it served it's purpose.

Date: 12/6/09

Time: 7PM - 3AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Tom Onusconich, Zach O'Hawk, Shelly Wilston, Dean Rohrbach, Phyllis Mitchem, Luann Werner, Mike Hildenbrandt (That's a full dance card!)

Notes: Luann and Mike's first trip out in the field with Lights Out.  It was out first experience with Mike's Sangean Radio (Ghost Box) and the EVP maker software.

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