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Second Private Residence, Berlinsville, PA

Here we go again!  Another "home" investigation for Chris LaBarge as Lights Out traveled to Berlinsville to investigate a home with quite a bit of reported activity.  This house is on the same block as the business we had investigated previously and only a few hundred yards away from the other home we did in town.  Reports of activity included seeing shadow figures, seeing blue mists form and dissipate, as well as having one TV turn off and on randomly.  With the history of the house and the family in mind, we set out for our first adventure in exactly three months.

We started off the evening with some technical difficulties, but fought our way through it with the help of the resident and her generosity.  She had a tent set up outside for us to use for equipment and also grilled hot dogs to keep us fed.  Once we got ourselves going the investigation went quite well.  We had very limited personal experiences throughout the night, but they weren't totally non-existent.  Co-founder Jim experienced an odd pressure on his chest, which corresponded with an out of place EMF spike.  Co-founder Chris, Chris Dobson, and Tom also experienced a cold spot, an EMF spike (which was confirmed on the EVP listener), and a brush on the leg simultaneously.  Nothing over the top, but still strange occurrences nonetheless.  All-in-all the night was a success.

Evidence review is complete and just a few of our findings are posted below.


These 2 pictures were snapped within 2 seconds of each other, looking up the stairs from the living room.  Jim was using his "off hand" to steady himself on the landing and wasn't covering the flash with his trigger hand.

In this series, Dean mentioned he felt a chill so Jim started snapping pics.  It seems as though something is between them and slowly moves away.


The residents don't own a piano or a xylophone, nor do the neighbors.  So, where did that noise come from?


When asked about a previous resident of the house, we got a barely audible response.


Very strange exhale over Chris L's talking that didn't appear on any other equipment recording at that time.


30 second long file that starts with us resetting our stationary recorder and going down stairs to take a break.  As we disappear through the living room, the voice of someone looking out for us appears.


Or click or the video clip below

Date: 8/8/09

Time: 8PM - 2AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Chris Dobson, Anthony Newhart, Dean Rohrbach, Tom Onusconich, Joe Uhl

Notes: Ono-man's first trip in the field with the group.  This was also Joe's first trip into the field.  Our first investigation with the new Sony camcorder, SIMA SL20-IR illuminators, EVP listener, and siamese cables for the DVR system.

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