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Private Business, Berlinsville, PA

Lights Out Paranormal performed our second investigation on November 7th, 2008.  For reasons of privacy, the name of this business is not listed.  Our excitement is at an all-time peak having a lot of new equipment to try out.  Thank you to the owner for allowing us the opportunity to investigate the claims of activity some people have experienced on the building's third floor.  There are two stories mainly involving this location.  One is a shared experience by two employees who claim to have seen a small child playing in the hallway when all of the scheduled children that day were accounted for.  The other story involves the cleaning woman.  One Saturday afternoon during her normal activities, she happened upon a pumpkin laying in the middle of the third floor hallway.  She placed it on top of the cubicles in the hallway and continued on with her duties.  When she came through the hallway again, the pumpkin was back in its original place. 

The Lights Out team spent about six hours at this location and collected a lot of evidence.  We just recently completed our evidence review and do have a few pieces of audio and video that we believe contain evidence of activity.  We came away with four EVPs that we were unable to explain.  Take a listen for yourself:


EVP1: A faint voice.  "Can you help me?" maybe "Who'd you come with?"  Who knows?


EVP2: There's a whispering voice in the middle of this clip.  No idea what it says.


EVP3: At the fourth tick of the clock, a whisper.  Did it say "Bob?"


EVP4: The bumps at the beginning are Chris L. tripping over an object.  But a whispering voice follows.


Conclusion:  Inconclusive.  While we were happy with the EVPs we believe we captured, more time is necessary at this location to form a more complete opinion.  It does seem to be active, however.  


Date: 11/7/08

Time: 8PM - 2AM

Investigators: Chris LaBarge, Jim Willing , Anthony Newhart, Chris Dobson, Shane Rapchak, Shelly Wilston

Notes: Our first investigation with the IR camera/DVR system.  First Investigation using a Gauss Master and the RCA RP5120-A voice recorder.

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