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Private Residence, Bangor, PA

For this investigation, our team was requested to investigate a home in Bangor by a family who had concerns for their young children, all of whom had reported hearing strange noises and observed a strange “figure” in their presence.  Their residence is part of a newer housing development, which was built upon property that used to consist of horse pastures and an apple orchard. 

Their questions of possible paranormal activity began shortly after the birth of the couple’s first child.  One evening, the mother, while feeding her son, watched a three to four foot shadow-like “figure”, walk across the room in front of a TV stand.  After the shadow figure disappeared, she went and informed her husband of the strange apparition. From this initial incident, the strange and unexplained activity continued, following with unexplained noises, and the feeling that “someone” was watching them.  

Nevertheless, as it does for all of us, life continues.  The couple remodeled their home and has, over the years, collected antiques.  Their family of two now grew into a family of five.  Along with the addition of three children came an additional chapter in their experience with the unexplained.

Learning to live and deal with the strange noises and feelings, a new concern emerged involving observations reported by their children.  All three children, toddlers at the time of the incidents, reported observing the same apparition.  All three children described this apparition as a man with only one eye. Of note is that no one else in the family observed this “man”, as he seemed to appear only to the children.  When their oldest son was very young, he told his parents about a man that was outside, and had only one eye.  When their second child talked about the man with one eye, they thought it to be interesting. Was it possible that the older child influenced the second child?  However, when their third child ended up telling them about the same one-eyed man, both mom and dad became concerned. 

The parents believe this is more than coincidence or sibling influence.  As they explained further, their daughter (their third child), claims to see the one-eyed man often, and on one occasion, she reported being pushed by this man.  Their daughter also has shared that the one-eyed man is a “good guy”, but there is another “man” that she has seen and he is “bad”.   She says the bad “man” walks around the inside of the house, and she will voluntarily share when the “ghost is gone.” 

Our group conducted an investigation with the help of our group psychic, Lauri Moore.  Lauri picked up on a few spirits.  Some felt to be deceased family members, and that one in particular was a man that stayed outside on the property.  She felt that this was the one-eyed “good guy”, who’s there to “watch” the family.  For some unknown reason he is tied to the property and is there to take care of the family.  Lauri also sensed the other man.  She felt he was linked to a few antiques in the home.  With her help and a search through the home, we were able to discover he was connected to some old pottery jugs.  Therefore, with that finding, the jugs were removed from the home.  (The next day, the homeowner put the jugs down at the end of her driveway and put a sign on them – “Free, Haunted Jugs”.  They were gone within a few hours.)

In conclusion, our team did find a few EVPs, and provided the family some answers to make them comfortable again. It was suggested to the family that they encourage their daughter to feel empowered rather than intimidated by what she is seeing and feeling. We've stayed in contact over the past few months to do some spiritual maintenance, but overall we believe this family is doing much better.

Faint knocking is heard in the background as Jim enters the room


An unknown voice is heard in background. It almost sounds like crying


Date:  4/28/12

Time: 7:00 pm to 12:00 am

Investigators:  Jim Willing, Tim Bealer, Tom Onusconich, Lauri Moore,  Antony Newhart, Lisa Moyer

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