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Apartment Building in Bethlehem, PA

As Lights Out Paranormal grows so does the nature of our case load.  We spent a Friday night in early May of 2009 investigating a building in the heart of Bethlehem with some pretty interesting claims of activity.  In fact, at one point a few years back, the residents had a paranormal group from Canada through to see what they could find.  But now its our turn.  Several stories of sightings and audible noises from the third floor apartment prompted one of its residents to contact Jim and set up a investigation of the property.  

The building itself houses 4 separate apartments as well as a dojo in the basement.  We had access to the basement and third and fourth floors of the building only but we still put in a very full and thorough investigation.  Personal experiences were scarce to non-existent, but in our estimation, this was the finest investigation we performed to date.  We had the great pleasure of bringing in 2 new investigators for their first time in the field.  Sheila Kocher and Jodi Hartzell both performed like seasoned veterans and proved to be very valuable additions to a growing Lights Out family.  

It took us a little longer than expected, but the team really came through on this evidence review.  We had a lot of outside noises to combat, which caused us to eliminate many of the noises and voices we found on the audio.  However, we still came away with four VERY solid EVPs and a few other clips of sounds which confirmed our team's experiences from the night of the investigation.  But perhaps the most important and impressive finds of the night were from Jim's digital camera.  Here are just a few of his findings:

These pictures were taken consecutively after one of the residents said she felt a presence near the fridge.  Notice the second picture captured a streak of light over the jackets hanging in the hallway.

This next set of pictures comes from the basement of the apartment where the mat of the dojo is located.  Jim took the first picture and noticed he had caught an orb floating near the ceiling.  He immediately began snapping pictures of the same area and with the camera in the same spot, the orb moved around the room, disappeared at some points, and eventually showed up on the stone wall.  These are 3 of about 15 pictures total.

Next we have our 4 EVPs from this job.  These clips cleaned up very well and all came from the basement of the building.

This sounds to us like a woman's voice saying "Ohh" in the middle of Jim talking.


This is the same point in time as #1 but from a different recorder.  The first clip from a recorder down the hall and this one comes from a recorder in the room with the investigators.  Notice that the voice isn't there on the second one.


After Jim hears some tapping near him, he asks if anyone is knocking to him.  After about 8 seconds, a whisper responds with "That was you."


You can hear Jim talking to Jodi in the background while a whispering voice speaks overtop of him.  Listen as Jim says "One second".  It sounds to us like "Come here.  Let me see that."


All in all, this was the most successful Lights Out investigation to date.  We had a great effort by the team on the investigation and evidence review, we had great clients who were very accommodating and friendly, and we had an active location.  Lights Out will be back to this location at some point as all parties involved believe there to be a good deal of activity.

Date: 5/8/09

Time: 7:30 PM - 1:30 AM

Investigators: Jim Willing, Chris LaBarge, Anthony Newhart, Sheila Kocher, Jodi Hartzell

Notes: Sheila and Jodi's first investigation.

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